Associated projects

ECO Fab 2 is a European project gathering 17 English and French partners around eco-construction and sustainable development. The objective of the project is to produce knowledge and skills in the field of eco-construction in an ecocitizenship and cross-border approach integrating the three pillars of sustainable development, environmental, social and economical.

Climate change is on top of the agenda of actual scientific, political and public discussions. Heat island effects in summer or wetter winter with increased flash flooding are only a few phenomena which have great impacts on the urban living conditions. We have to face these challenges. Our urban city regions must react on the effects of climate change. The Future Cities – project aims at making city regions in Northwest Europe fit to cope with the predicted climate change impacts.

Ace is a renewable energy initiative which has been launched across several North West European countries. It promotes the importance of renewable energy in everyday life to citizens, businesses, universities and local government – the idea is, if the right information is provided there will be an increased uptake of renewable energy.

The Kyoto Protocol committed the EU to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 8% by 2012. High fuel costs will have an increasing affect on businesses and individuals across the partner regions. There is an urgent need for practical, affordable solutions leading towards an economically and environmentally sustainable model for our communities. Positive action to reduce energy demand is currently hampered by limited funding and a lack of robust knowledge about how well different approaches work in different circumstances. This project aims to fill a gap on the energy-efficiency scene, by demonstrating the highest impact ways of cooperating to reduce our energy needs.

Eco2profit is a SME-targetted project aimed to reduce carbon emission and to increase sustainable energy on business parks.