The INSPIRER project aims to improve the quality of life of people living in neighbourhoods subject to social exclusion by means of new green space and recreation areas as well as measures to increase security and to favour biodiversity.

The partnership is composed of different services and organisations from France, Flanders and the UK which have not yet worked together and hopes to transform existing neighbourhoods into sustainable ones which improve the quality of life of inhabitants.
The activities focus first on engaging residents with the long-term benefits of the regeneration of their neighbourhoods, then on communicating and educating on improved waste management, and finally on raising awareness of energy consumption in social housing. A variety of investments will be made to improve energy and water efficiency in the targeted neighbourhoods, and tested through pilot schemes in the three partner countries.

Lead partner: Medway Council
Project partners: MHS homesStad Kortrijk, OCMW KortrijkLittoral Habitat, Centre Social Eclaté de Saint-Martin-Boulogne, City of Saint-Martin-Boulogne, Centre Boulogne Développement

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