SISCo aims to embed sustainable development policy (social, economic and environmental) into local authority planning processes, by increasing the uses for energy efficiency and renewable technologies and improving resource management in built developments.
The project brings together peers from the UK, Flanders and the Netherlands involved in planning processes to exchange knowledge on sustainable construction and to create a crossborder centre of excellence, the “Sustainable Purchasing and Planning Centre”, where the best available knowledge and expertise in the field will be held.
Partners will provide a forum to support local authority planners, developers, architects and suppliers, and not only exchange good practice and multi-disciplinary experience but also deliver a series of training and information seminars targeting local authorities and spatial planners on issues such as innovative renewable technologies and resource management methods.

Lead partner: the Environment Centre (tEC)
Project partners: Brabant MilieufederatieStrategisch Projectenorganisatie Kempen (SPK)DCMR Environmental Protection AgencyCamp C | Provincial Centre for Sustainable Building and LivingMunicipality of Schiedam