Business Park Sustainable Management Plans

Lead partner: Ghent University (Belgium)

Support Partners: Kamp C (Belgium), DCMR (The Netherlands), Municipality of Schiedam (The Netherlands), HBC (United Kingdom), City of Ghent (Belgium), wvi (Belgium), POM Oost-Vlaanderen (Belgium), POM West-Vlaanderen (Belgium), IOK (Belgium)

Business Park Sustainable Management Plans has the main goal of enabling the development of sustainable business park management plans based on sustainability principles learned in SAFE-ICE project – phase 1.

The objectives are:

  • to involve and promote the active contribution to the project of individual businesses, business clubs & industrial park managers, business districts;
  • to develop stronger cross-partner collaborations;
  • to select and use best practices (Bedrijven Investerings Zones BIZ and Business Improvement District BID) as example to transfer in Flanders;
  • to share knowledge between project partners on the theme of sustainable business park management;
  • to support the industrial park and business district manager in the design of sustainable management plans;
  • to support legislators (on different levels) on sustainable management of business and industrial parks.