Community Heat Systems and Heat Maps

Lead partner: Habitat du Littoral (France)

Support partners: Kamp C (Belgium), DCMR (The Netherlands), Hastings Borough Council (United Kingdom), City of Ghent (Belgium), wvi (Belgium), New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership (United Kingdom)

The aim is to learn from the work, progress and success of all of the SAFE-ICE partners working on heat networks so that local development teams and local authorities can use this knowledge when considering the various opportunities these may present, including the benefits to business and community.

The objectives are:

  • To evaluate member state policy, and SAFE-ICE partner case studies, and to share the findings across the Member States.
  • To disseminate of good practices on heat networks cross-border.
  • To organise a one-day event in France for an international audience on heat networks and heat maps for businesses and business parks.

The website and the communication strategy on heat networks was developed by the association VIA SEVA. They are working on the promotion of heat networks and are a part of the French Heat Network Stakeholder National Committee.