Market & Policy Conditions

Group leaders: BSK-CiC & KCC

The Market and Policy Conditions expert working group aims to draw on learnings from the SAFE-ICE projects to highlight the effects of policy, research, innovation and business support on the supply and demand of low carbon goods and services, from a small and medium business perspective. The group will also investigate what is meant by the term low carbon economy across the 2 Seas region and will propose a common definition. The review will aim to provide feedback to policy makers on the barriers and opportunities faced by the SME in this new and important sector.

The following subjects are discussed in this expert working group:

  • market analysis
  • current market demand (consumers/businesses) and current supply (using research from above technical solutions)
  • What is the low carbon economy market in the region, policy and failures, opportunities?
  • What has driven demand and helped supply in the areas of business support, innovation and research?