Joint Statement

The SAFE ICE Cluster has demonstrated that 20 partners from 4 European
countries, speaking different languages, are able to join forces in an important
common challenge, the transition to a low carbon economy.

In barely 17 months, the SAFE-ICE Cluster has enriched this European ambition with
2 new tools, 7 publications, 12 case studies and a website and continues to build
upon this in new partnerships and established networks.

Two partners commented as follows:

“To be involved in a cluster was a first experience for us. It is highly rewarding to
exchange and capitalize on our previous INTERREG experiences. Various actions and
tools emerged during phase 2 but they are the foundations for many more tools and
concrete actions that could be implemented thanks to this funding and
implementation through future projects.”

“The development of a sustainable procurement tool provides the four partner
regions with an opportunity to widely promote and support growth of the low-carbon
economy through stimulating demand for low carbon products and services”.

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