City of Ghent

The City of Ghent signed the European Covenant of Mayors committing it to curb its CO2-emissions by 20% by the EU 2020 target. Ghent also wants to define whether and how CO2-neutrality can be attained. Therefore Ghent has to define a long-term vision with short-term milestones, and needs to develop a suitable approach, framework and tools.

The city of Ghent is/has been involved in several territorial cooperation projects (cross border and transnational) as a partner (e.g. Shaping 24 -2 Seas Programme and ACE) and as a lead partner (e.g. ROI Regeneration old industrial ports – cross-border programme Flanders-Netherlands). Ghent is also a partner in the MUSIC project (Interreg IVB NWE) which focusses on a transition to a climate neutral city and STEP-UP (Strategies Towards Energy Performance and Urban Planning).

The City of Ghent contributes to the cluster with its experiences in the field of modelling and SME guidance.