DCMR Environmental Protection Agency

DCMR is the regional environmental protection agency for the Greater Rijnmond region. It works on the regional environmental quality and its development, commissioned by all the local and regional governments. DCMR is the implementing authority for permitting, inspection, monitoring and regional environmental quality. It works on achieving environment and sustainability targets in the region and for SMEs.

DCMR was one of the partners in the Interreg SISCo project. The main added value was its ownership of detailed information about enterprises and working business parks. The expertise on regional sustainable planning and its supporting instruments were used in the project and further developed with the other partners. In this project, DCMR worked together with the municipality of Schiedam on the development of the environmental quality of business estates. DCMR contributed to a comprehensive training program on regional sustainable planning.

Within the SAFE-ICE cluster the DCMR leads the Business / Building expert working group, having experience in this area with e.g. modelling.