West Flanders Intermunicipal Association

The West Flanders Intermunicipal Association, in short WVI, is active in West Flanders, the coastal province of Belgium. They are a public body working for 54 districts and the county of West Flanders, located in Brugge, Belgium.
WVI develops (social) housing projects as well as new industrial zones and redevelops old industrial sites. They assist the municipalities in making spatial structure plans and spatial allocation plans. Furthermore, they advice the municipalities in issues such as mobility, environment, nature and public space.
In Interreg IV, WVI is partner in 3 NWE projects (Future Cities, Manage+ and Sintropher) and the corresponding clusters (SIC Adapt!, APACHES and SYNAPTIC) and in the 2 Seas project ACE.

In ACE WVI works on a range of case-studies, all aimed to lower the carbon emissions of business parks. WVI integrated energy management in the existing business park management by including individual business support and REU-scans and by developing carbon neutral selling conditions. WVI studied the possibilities for collective renewable energy generation implemented in business parks. In addition, the feasibility of heat networks integrated in the energy infrastructure of business parks was investigated. The integration of energy planning in spatial planning of business parks was another aspect of ACE. Moreover, WVI produced an energy strategy for business parks for the period 2014 – 2019.

WVI executed two Objective 2 projects BISY and DuGiO about an innovative signage system for business parks and studies about a heat network on a horticulture zone in Oudenburg. WVI has experience with Interreg III projects like BERI and STRAIR in IIIC.
Within the SAFE-ICE cluster WVI leads the expert working group on business parks.