Procurement and Demand for Low Carbon Goods and Services

Lead partner: Kent County Council (United Kingdom)

Support partnersBSK-CiC (United Kingdom), Hastings Borough Council (United Kingdom), Habitat du Littoral (France), Kamp C (Belgium), City of Ghent (Belgium), Gelderland Province (The Netherlands), Suffolk County Council (United Kingdom), National Energy Foundation (United Kingdom), wvi (Belgium)

The aim of this working group builds is to drive demand for low carbon goods and services and raise awareness of eco-goods and services through sustainable procurement.

The objectives are:

  • Understand current procurement processes of the SAFE-ICE partnership and how closely they are aligned with the principles of sustainable procurement.
  • To highlight best practice from across the region demonstrating how goods and/or services have been procured with an economic, environmental and social benefit.
  • To develop a Green Procurement Guide detailing current awareness of green procurement and how to embed the principles of green procurement into current procurement processes.
  • To produce a Green Procurement toolkit to assist organisations to integrate elements of sustainable procurement.
  • To understand barriers and success stories of suppliers of low carbon goods and services to learn from them on how they succeeded/failed in delivering eco-innovative products.


Case Studies

  1. SAFE-ICE CASE STUDY – Talking Low Carbon Kent
  2. SAFE-ICE CASE STUDY – Talking Low Carbon Plus
  3. SAFE-ICE CASE STUDY – Vijfsluizen develops its sustainability
  4. SAFE-ICE CASE STUDY – Steering Business Parks towards Sustainability
  5. SAFE-ICE CASE STUDY – Sustainable Transport
  6. SAFE-ICE CASE STUDY – Sustainable Development
  7. SAFE-ICE CASE STUDY – Suffolk County Council
  8. SAFE-ICE CASE STUDY – Agrodome
  9. SAFE-ICE CASE STUDY – Minor Works
  10. SAFE-ICE CASE STUDY – BSK and working in the cloud