Think Tank on Sustainable Business Park Management

BID/BIZ – A new concept to improve the quality of your business and business park

The focus
Sustainable Business Park Management starts with sharing of good experiences and know-how about low-carbon and energy-efficient investments and related implementation instruments.

The training session has presented and discussed the ‘Business Improvement District’ (BID) scheme, a useful management instrument of existing business parks that has been implemented in European Countries such as the UK, Germany and The Netherlands.

The SAFE-ICE think tank on Sustainable Business Park consists of two events held in Belgium, where participants are invited to discussed together with experts from the SAFE-ICE cluster regions the following questions:

Statement 1
Energy efficiency on business parks is not an interesting business case, otherwise, external investors would have taken the opportunity to step in.

Questions to be answered in the discussion

  • Do you think that energy saving measures can be relevant in terms of value creation in you companies/business park?
  • How do you see the possibility of transferring to external companies the energy management of your Business Park (i.e. ESCO’s)?

Statement 2
Every proposal that comes from the government makes an entrepreneur allergic. To implement sustainability in business parks, companies need to be organized by their self, control and manage the areas where they settle.

Questions to be answered in the discussion

  • What role do you think public authorities can play in making your business park more sustainable?
  • How would you organize the companies in your business parks? (i.e. Company with Limited by Guarantee, Community Interest Company …)
  • Would you pay a levy? (i.e. BID UK levy calculated on rateable value of all businesses within the area, mostly around 1%-2%)

Join us during the next event on the 12th of February 2015 in Ghent!

PROGRAMME | Thursday 12th of February 2015

17h00           Welcome with an after work drink
17h30           Introduction | Lieven Vandevelde – Ghent University
17h40           BIZ/BID in The Netherlands | Herman Timmerman – Chairman CLOCK
18h10           BIZ/BID example | Dolf Bierhuizen – Enterprise Association Vijfsluizen
18h40           BIZ/BID example in Belgium | Marianne Vancleemput – wvi
18h50           ESCO’s | Tom Dewettinck – POM Oost-Vlaanderen
19h10           ESCO’s | Bart De Smedt – ESCO4GHENT
19h30           Debate | Final discussion with questions
20h00           Walking dinner and networking
21h00           Closing time

RedLoft – Hugo Van der Goesstraat 17A – 9000 Ghent

Further information
Giustino Emilio Piccolo | University of Ghent |
Björn De Grande | City of Ghent |

The first event has been organized on Thursday 11th of December 2014 – At Kamp C in Westerlo. See the results here.


14h00           Welcome | Peter-Paul van den Berg – Kamp C
14h05           Introduction | Lieven Vandevelde – Ghent University
14h20           BIZ/BID in the Netherlands | Arjen Schep – Erasmus University Rotterdam
14h40           BIZ/BID example | Huib Sneep – Enterprise Association Vijfsluizen (NL)
15h00           BIZ/BID example | Marianne van Cleemput – West Flanders Intermunicipal
15h15           ESCO | Dirk Den Haese – Kamp C
15h30           Round Tables | BIZ/BID structure in Belgium
16h15           Debate with questions
16h45           Reception and networking

The results from the discussion will be summarize here. Follow up for the update.