Using a Tool Supporting Resource Efficient Business Investments

Lead partner: DCMR Environmental Protection Agency (The Netherlands), Municipality of Schiedam (The Netherlands)

Support Partners: City of Ghent (Belgium), Gent University (Belgium), wvi (Belgium), Kamp C (Belgium), HBC (United Kingdom), associated partners

The Schiedam Ώ model
Many methods and instruments are used by the different partners for promoting low-carbon or energy efficiency investments. Are the methods working in other countries/regions too? Do they lead to similar efficiency increase or interest in investing in low-carbon measures? For this WP4 one  method is taken out that is used in the Netherlands with potential for other countries: ‘the Schiedam Omega method’. This method, by RoyalHaskoningDHV, is used in Schiedam for calculations on sustainable investments, property value and total cost of ownership of the investment on the long term (30 yrs). In using the model municipal staff will have environmental, economical and social effect data to discuss with company staff. The discussion will lead to a more sophisticated decision making, and a larger focus on low-carbon economy.

The objectives are:

  • to instruct staff members of project partners in using the tool,
  • improve the tool with feedback and using the tool in self-chosen companies of public buildings

Using the tool will give valuable feedback to the developers, making it more useful in the partner countries.